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Macleod of Glenelg Holdings Limited. Purveyors of the finest, for the best: Our customers. www.macglen.ca
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MacLeod of Glenelg Holdings Canada Limited features quality products from manufacturers and artisans such as:
3M, Aigner , Allsop, American Security Cabinets, Architectural Mailboxes, Avery, Barmytech, BCW, Blyth Printing, Book Protectors and Company, BTE Plastics, C-Line Products, Canada Cleaning Supplies, Conglom/EraWare, Copernicus, Cottage Dreams, Cramer Chairs & Stools, David Harms, Dixon Ticonderoga, Dynamic Imaging Solutions, Ettore, FastStamp, Fiskars Brands Inc., Flying Colours, Gressco Ltd., Gressco Mar-Line® , Gryphon Industries, H. Wilson Company, HABA ® , Hannecke Display Systems, Harts Upholstered Products, Henkel Consumer Adhesives, ImageOne, Industrial Plastics & Paints, International Needs, Ironwood Manufacturing, Irvin S. Martin, Kapco, Keystone, Kleton, Krug, Levi Sherk, Lewis Bins, Luxor, Lyra, MacGlen, Martin's Chairs, Maxstick International , Michelex-Trimark, Monaco, Nelson Fabricating, Neschen AG Brands , Nightingale Chair Corporation, Original Flag Store, Palmieri, Paperflow, PERMACEL, ProTape, Rolamech Inc., S.P. Richards, Safco Products Company, Sandusky Buddy, Scanavo, Smart Desks, Spec Furniture, Staedtler-Mars, The Children's Furniture Company, The Foam Store, Titan Laboratories, Trodat Stamps, U-Line, Ven Rez Furniture, Ven-Rez Manufacturing, Video Furniture International, Walker Wire Works, Weber Solid Hardwood Tables, X-ACTO