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Macleod of Glenelg Holdings Limited. Purveyors of the finest, for the best: Our customers. www.macglen.ca

Policy Statement of the Company - MacLeod of Glenelg Holdings Canada Limited

The name of the company, MacLeod Glenelg Holdings Canada Limited is purposeful. Juxtaposing two ancient names: MacLeod and Glenelg, the former being familial, and patrialineal, while the latter geographic, one might find them quite dissimilar except for the fact that history has seen them inextricably intertwined. The MacLeod's of Glenelg rendered in the Gaelic as MacLeoid date back over six hundred years. Granted a sheltered valley in the North of Scotland, the Valley or Glen of "Elg" with its noble vistas and rugged beauty stands well by the Gaelic which means Glen of Nobility. An apt name indeed as one surveys our "new world" Head Office location, here in Penticton British Columbia the heart of the Okanagan Valley. "Noble in its grandeur", Penticton which means: "a place to stay forever" is truly a place one might intend to do just that.

As "the old gives rise to the new", so our branch of the MacLeod's coming to Canada in 1792 are Canadians of long standing and the company MacLeod of Glenelg has a rich legacy to live up to. Our name and the products we carry bearing the "macglen logo" (a name which means "Son of the Glen") warrants a pride in reputation and service that is yours to expect. As a wholly owned Canadian Federally Incorporated, and provincially registered company the services and products we provide are of the highest order, or they be not at all. Our name is our pledge and your assurance of quality.

Thank you for your consideration, as Purveyors of the Finest for the Best: Our Customers, we know you will not regret it.