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Macleod of Glenelg Holdings Limited. Purveyors of the finest, for the best: Our customers. www.macglen.ca


Dear Prospective Employee,

MacLeod of Glenelg is a Library and Professional Office Resource Company, national in scope. Emphasizing the utmost in professionalism, we are continually on the look-out for good people. As a prospective employee, you are invited to submit your resume. We ask that you include, in your covering letter, not just your relative qualifications, fit and experience, but your hopes and desires if you were to join us.

As we look for "people friendly" representatives across Canada, your attitude may indeed count more than your age and experience.

Thanking you for your submission, please keep in mind that we are "Purveyors of the Finest, for the Best".


Neil D. MacLeod

Upload your resume! Please note that the file must be less then 2 MB, and is limited to the following file types:
txt, doc, rtf, wpd, odt, docx, pdf

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