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Browse Catalogue - ABLEX/NEBULA Mesh XO Seating

Cool, Breathable, Quality Seating. Modern In Look And Presentation.

Nightingale IC2 7300D Series

Nightingale IC2 7300D Series • $776.50

An intelligent chair, perfectly balanced for an exceptionally smooth ride. Lightweight, elegant, functional in multiple applications, this series sets ergonomic and comfort standards second to none.

SXO 6100 Mid Back with Arms and Headrest

SXO 6100 Mid Back with Arms and Headrest • $777.00

This chair’s simplicity of design and function allows the user to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Its modern look fits perfectly in any office or conference setting.


NIGHTINGALE CXO 6200 Series • $930.00

The CXO Series of Chairs are the new Office Standard. They offer a refreshingly cool look that will enhance any office. Featuring quality ABLEX weave backing they provide excellent Lumbar support.


NIGHTINGALE CXO 6200-D Series • $990.00 $940.50

Adjustable Arms, Headrest, Lumbar Support and Knee Tilt. CXO Series chairs literally breath freshness. Featuring a modern cool look which will enhance any office. The seating comfort is reknown.


NIGHTINGALE CXO Leather 6200-D • $1,198.00

Full Madras Leather offers opulent comfort or even upgrade to the Princess Leather option that will absolutely pamper as "the most comfortable chair in the world". The proof is yours' to discover.

NIGHTINGALE CXO 6200D Heavy Duty Series

NIGHTINGALE CXO 6200D Heavy Duty Series • $1,200.00 $1,140.00

The most comfortable chair in the world engineered for those requiring greater strength and durability for weight demands up to 450 lbs. Its structure is compact and graceful.

NIGHTINGALE Office in a Box

NIGHTINGALE Office in a Box

NIGHTINGALE Office in a Box: designed to meet challenges of today's changing business environment at the office of at home. One box includes your entire office: desk, WXO chair, bookcase, wastebasket.