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Banners - Customised

Banners - Customised

Banners, The Way You Want Them To Look. Made by a National Flag manufacturer, our banners have the durability and colour fastness of a flag. Whatever the occasion you will be proud to fly them.

Canvas Apron

Canvas Apron • $13.98

Loosen the bow tie and get those hands dirty. This Ontario-made natural canvas cotton apron protects your clothing so you can get the job done.

Library Book Bags

Library Book Bags • $15.75

Library Book Bags: Quality Canadian Construction throughout! Made in Ontario using environmentally friendly canvas. You will appreciate the difference. Bulk Pricing & Customizations Available.

Customised Mailbags

Customised Mailbags • $15.90

Customised Mailbags: Very popular - Designed to your specifications. Let us know what you need. Address Windows. Silk Screening. Colour. Sizing. Call us for Details.

Canvas Courier Bag

Canvas Courier Bag • $41.25

Canvas Courier Bag: These completely practical, yet gorgeous, (when it comes to practical!) canvas bags were custom designed by and for a school board in B.C. and put together by our team in Ontario.