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CRAMER Kik Step®  Base Bumper Ring

CRAMER Kik Step® Base Bumper Ring • $5.99

CRAMER Kik-Step® Base Bumper Ring: Do you have a perfectly good Cramer Kik-Step looking a little tired? Perhaps the Sun has started to crack the rubber. Perhaps the rubber base band has stretched?

BookGuard Polyethylene 856

BookGuard Polyethylene 856 • $6.38

BookGuard 856 Poly Book Repair Tape is Durable, Flexible, Clear Repair Polyethylene Tape to Repair and Reinforce Book Spines.

JLar Clear to the Core 3/4

JLar Clear to the Core 3/4" x 72 yds • $6.99

Clear to the Core Quality and Transparency! An excellent choice for repair and preservation. Lightweight yet strong.

Clear, Polyester Corner Reinforcements

Clear, Polyester Corner Reinforcements • $6.99

2 mil Clear Polyester Corners to Rejuvenate and Reinforce Frayed Book Corners: 96 corners/package

Tearable, Removable Artist Tape

Tearable, Removable Artist Tape • $6.99 $5.24

Premium Flatback Paper Tape used for colour coding & labelling.

Photo Disc Sleeves

Photo Disc Sleeves • $7.00

Archive and Protect Your Digital Memories

CRAMER Kik-Step Upper Tread

CRAMER Kik-Step Upper Tread • $7.26

CRAMER Kik-Step Upper Tread: You have covered many miles and reached so many formerly inaccessible places with your Cramer Kik-Step that now the Upper tread is wearing thin. Why not renew it?

Easy Polyester Wing Reinforcements

Easy Polyester Wing Reinforcements • $7.99

Easy Wings to Strengthen and Protect Book Spine Edges

Repositionable Book Repair Tape

Repositionable Book Repair Tape • $7.99

Re-positionable Book Repair Laminate is Excellent for Book and Spine Repairs.

Quik Snap Key Rack

Quik Snap Key Rack • $7.99

4 Key Tag Rack & QuikSnap Key Fobs: An inexpensive key control system where security is not an issue. Excellent for a controlled room or locked storage closet.

Clearance Item: ALLSOP Fast Wipes

Clearance Item: ALLSOP Fast Wipes • $7.99

Turn that DVD or CD up to the light and see its past history of use. The big thumb print, the dust, the accumulated dirt: clean it all and enjoy the results!

Cool Channel Notebook Platform

Cool Channel Notebook Platform • $8.00

Allsop's Cool Channel Platform provides a lightweight, multi-purpose, protective, portable solution. Its unique, ergonomic C-shape also cools the user adding to comfort.