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CD Jewel Case Chubby Holds 3 Discs

CD Jewel Case Chubby Holds 3 Discs

TRIMARK CD Jewel Case Chubby, Triple This 2.5cm wide (1") CD jewel Case holds 3 Discs. Dimensions: 14cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm

Clear CD Jewel Case

Clear CD Jewel Case

TRIMARK Clear CD Jewel Case, no tray Dimensions: 14cm x 12.5cm x 1cm

CD Chubby Double Jewel Case

CD Chubby Double Jewel Case

14 cm x 12 1/2 cm x 2 1/2 cm (1" thick)


Squeegees • $1.55

Squeegees are essential for removing bubbles and wrinkles from book covers and laminate materials as well as smoothing out surfaces.

Book Stands

Book Stands

Copper coloured or white plastic book stands

Single Capacity Strong Box

Single Capacity Strong Box • $2.50

ALLSOP Single CD Strong Box - Whether for University, College, Library or Teaching Lab - Durability and Economy are Paramount.

Tearable, Removable Artist Tape

Tearable, Removable Artist Tape • $2.99

Premium Flatback Paper Tape used for colour coding & labelling.

Clip-On Bookends

Clip-On Bookends • $3.00

Various colours while supplies last. Designed for 1" or thinner shelves, comes with Flat or Angled Label Holders.

ALLSOP Double Capacity Strong Box

ALLSOP Double Capacity Strong Box • $3.69

ALLSOP: Double CD Strong Box: Jewel cases must be one of the most fragile things around. No more! The Strong Box is so shatter-resistant you can bend the case and have it return back to shape.

DVD 4 disc Jewel Cases

DVD 4 disc Jewel Cases

TRIMARK: DVD Case, Black, Full Sleeve DVD Cases for 4 discs, 25 mm thick. Dimensions: 13.5cm x 19cm x 2.5cm

Quik Snap Key Rack

Quik Snap Key Rack • $4.00

4 Key Tag Rack & QuikSnap Key Fobs: An inexpensive key control system where security is not an issue. Excellent for a controlled room or locked storage closet.

Fast Wipes

Fast Wipes • $5.00

Fast Wipes - Turn that DVD or CD up to the light and see its past history of use. The big thumb print, the dust, the accumulated dirt: clean it all and enjoy the results!