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Lecterns, Equipment stands, Podiums

Bamboo Table Top

Bamboo Table Top • $59.75

Bamboo Table Top: Made of durable bamboo for lasting use.

IRONWOOD Table top Lectern

IRONWOOD Table top Lectern • $179.00

Ironwood Table Top Lectern. The finish to a dinner or a banquet; a well turned spoken word by the Guest of Honour from the Head Table. Honour your guest, and those in attendance. Make their day!

IRONWOOD Stand Up Lectern

IRONWOOD Stand Up Lectern • $288.00

IRONWOOD Stand Up Lectern. A lectern that compliments the speaker. A furniture piece that facilitates the topic presented. For an oral presentation, what more does one need?

Two Section Lectern

Two Section Lectern • $310.00

Use separately on a table or together as part of an auditorium placement; traditional in design, good looking throughout.

VFI Teaching Multimedia Desk

VFI Teaching Multimedia Desk • $1,199.00

VFI Teaching Multimedia Desk is the ideal mobile solution for high tech classrooms, lecture halls and corporate training sites.

SMART DESKS Presence Podium

SMART DESKS Presence Podium • $6,571.00

SMARTDESKS Presence Podium is height adjustable so every presenter is served with commanding stature. Contoured, solid top with hand holds. flipITĀ® Laptop Safe may be installed into podium top.