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Terms of Sale

Terms of Account - User

MacLeod of Glenelg Holdings Canada is a Canadian privately held federally incorporated company registered in each Canadian province of operation. All confidential information, personal and corporate, obtained by MacLeod of Glenelg is held in the strictest confidence. We do not sell, exchange, or impart such information to any third parties except by law. All "phishing" attempts or other attempts to gain access to such confidential information will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Upon credit approval, an account number is issued and maintained specific to the organization of record (Approved Account). We therefore respectfully require separate internet accounts be set up for each authorized person and/or persons purchasing on behalf of the given organization. We will not be held responsible for unauthorized purchases made on "shared" accounts. The password privacy of the individual's account is his/her sole responsibility. We will gladly reset any compromised passwords, suspected or otherwise, upon request. We also require the notification of any organizational changes where purchasing rights on behalf of the organization are being updated.

Terms of Sale

All Approved Accounts are due and payable in full on a net-21 day basis. A discount of 2% shall apply on accounts paid within 10 days of invoice if received by cheque or money order in Canadian funds by MacLeod of Glenelg at their eastern administration centre (i.e. 2% 10 days, net 21 FOB Brussels, Ontario). Do not send cash. This discount being calculated against the net regular and/or volume discounted price before taxes. The regular annual interest rate on all accounts paid after 21 days shall be 2.4% per month (28.80% per annum). The foregoing interest rate is subject to change based on prevailing interest rates and the account holder shall be provided 21 days notice of such change. All account liabilities (charges and transactions) are the responsibility of the internet account holder. Except in the case of Established and Approved credit arrangements all accounts are on a Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) Basis. As in Institutional Supplier an approval for credit is usually extended to all first time Government funded and Corporate Clientèle. Please contact Customer Service at MacLeod of Glenelg at the toll free number of 1-888-453-2500 on any questions, issues or in the case of any change in or pertaining to account information particulars. Once again, we will gladly reset any compromised passwords suspected or otherwise upon request.

Purchases submitted directly through the website will be delivered according to the chosen web page options that shall include (if so indicated) the customer's purchase order number to the address of record as contained in the account information.

Alternately orders may, at the purchaser's discretion, be prepared on the MacLeod of Glenelg website with the information being transferred to the purchasers pre-printed purchase order draft and submitted by fax to 1-877-453-2501 where delivery requirements etc. may be specifically itemised. (N.B. So as to preclude an inadvertent duplication of your order please then empty your QuickBag).

Warranties Expressed or Implied

MacLeod of Glenelg as the Authorized Dealer extends all warranty privileges as expressed by the original manufacturer to the original purchaser and or purchasing organization. As a reseller we do not directly warranty any product. Manufacturing defects are referred back to the manufacturer for redress.

Freight and Delivery

MacLeod of Glenelg undertakes to route your delivery via the most expedient and cost efficient manner which, unless specified otherwise prior to or at the time of ordering, is by Common Carrier, Courier and or by Insured Canadian Post. All deliveries are at the most cost effective point to the customer being F.O.B. Penticton, British Columbia, Brussels, Ontario and/or directly from the Manufacturer of Origin. In case of imports from the United States of America or other foreign imports, unless clearly specified and requested by the purchaser, all inbound brokerage charges are assumed to be the responsibility of MacLeod of Glenelg and are not part of the delivery charges. Assessed brokerage charges on the return of undamaged correctly delivered merchandise are the responsibility of the purchaser as are all delivery charges to and from the point of original F.O.B. charge.

Damaged Merchandise

Please inspect your Deliveries carefully before signing for their undamaged receipt. Externally evident damages become the purchaser's responsibility upon signed receipt without inspection. Claims for the damage of delivered merchandise are largely under the regulations as set by the carrier, so be informed. However, as general practice if the merchandise is delivered in a damaged condition do not sign the undamaged receipt waiver. Immediately phone the Customer Service Department at MacLeod of Glenelg at 1-888-453-2500 for assistance. If accepting the damaged delivery it is the responsibility of the receiver to have the driver note the evident and internally suspected damages or shortages on all copies of the freight bill before signing. Notice of all freight claims must be returned to the carrier within 10 business days of receipt. All damaged merchandise and packaging must be retained until inspected and released by the carrier. Payment for goods received becomes the responsibility of the purchaser upon receipt and if found subsequently unacceptable must be returned in their original packaging within 30 days of delivery All returned shipments must be accompanied by a return authorization number (R.A.N.) as issued by the Customer Care Department of MacLeod of Glenelg at 1-888-453-2500.

Returned Merchandise

No returns damaged or undamaged are accepted without the above stated written authorization and R.A.N. as obtained through the Customer Care Department of MacLeod of Glenelg. Return authorizations will not be issued for products purchased 120 days or more from the date of receipt. A restocking fee will apply for the return of merchandise returned after 30 days of receipt of delivery. Computer software shall not be returnable unless never installed and in it's original packaging, with all components and related literature attached and all manufacturer seals intact.

On items custom designed for the purchaser i.e. upholstery, non standard paint, stain, laminate selections are returnable only in the event of manufacturer error. All made to measure wood products are considered custom designed and are subject to the foregoing return limitations.

Any undamaged good must be returned in as close to the original packaging of sale as possible for potential resale. (A condition acceptable to yourself as a subsequent purchaser). A repackaging fee will apply where the manufacturer's overwrap has been negligently and irreparably damaged with the exception of the ordinary and inadvertent ripping of the box tops, security box tabs and or plastic bubble display packages as part of the normal opening and re closure of a purchased product. It is the purchaser's responsibility for the careful repackaging of all undamaged returned merchandise and all shipping, brokerage and handling charges as they apply. Please call the Customer Care Department at MacLeod of Glenelg at 1-888-453-2500 for complete assistance.

The above terms rates of interest and conditions may change without notice. It is the Account Holder's responsibility to review the conditions prior to any order placement.