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Clearance Item: ALLSOP Fast Wipes
$ 7.99

Clearance Item Reduced 20% off: ALLSOP Fast Wipes

Paper towels should not be used to wipe off your discs. Kleenex, toilet paper, cotton swabs... keep those in the bathroom. I understand your desire to grab something quickly to clean off some fingerprints or dust but discs are not your kitchen counter or bathroom floor. Allsop's FastWipes are a lint-free textured cleaning cloth. The textures act like little fingers to grab dirt, sweat and fingerprints and lift them away from the CD. That way you are not just rubbing the dirt all over of the disc. These are a low-cost way to keep your discs clean. Just promise me one thing. Promise me you won't wipe your discs around in a circular motion. Please. Wipe them in a straight line from the inside edge out.

* Great for cleaning DVD titles rented from the local store or for cleaning your music archive
* Pack of 20
* Best lint-free, non-abrasive material available
* Removes dust and fingerprints and helps prevent skipping and mis-tracking

Product Wipes #500-0750

Clearance Item: ALLSOP Fast Wipes Click to enlarge

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