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Double Capacity Strong Box
From $ 3.69

The Usual Jewel case has got to be one of the most fragile things around. Not any more. Enter the Strong Box which is so shatter-resistant that you can literally bend the case and have it return back into shape. Replace your jewel cases for the last time! We guarantee it. You can literally bend this case in half and it won't break. It's still sized like any other Jewel Case but this one is permanent. It has locking hinges (that won't break) and a quick release locking hub (that won't break, either). What I need you to realize here, is that this case won't break. So put the discs that really matter in here. Drop it in your briefcase, toss it in your backpack or even loan it to a friend. When you get it back, the cover won't be cracked. Special Interlocking hinges further resist the usual hinge snapping. Exclusive Quick Release Hub securely locks your discs in place. Same size replacement for those already broken jewel cases populating your collection.

* 5 1/2" x 5" x .44"
* Smoke colour
* Holds 2 discs
* Made of Polystyrene

Product ALLSOP CD Case #110-0773

Double Capacity Strong Box

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