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Hardwood Step Stool
$ 148.00

A MacGlen Choice. This one is so pretty: for the Library, the Kitchen, wherever a little class is needed. A Hardwood Step Stool that was started by nature and finished by hand.

Be it Man or Beast or any type of Manufactured Good, is not Quality one of the Factors behind Good Looks? If Occasional Function and disposability is the goal, cheap plastic will do the job - a quick toss into the utility closet will put it out of sight and mind BUT what if that same Step Stool could look good and remain in place for the next time? (And save your good chairs from acting as step stools!)

* Made in Ontario, Canada
* Your choice of Maple or Oak
* 24" high x 10" deep by 15 1/2" across

* Shipping costs are based on delivery address, product weight and dimensions, and will be added to invoice. If you need a shipping quote, please call 1-519-318-9093

Product Step Stool #555-4802

Wood Finish *
Solid Wood Type *
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