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Nightingale Beetle 301 Series

Nightingale Beetle 301 Series: The Durability and Toughness of the Beetle only better; An excellent upgrade and replacement for your aging XL series stackers. The Solid Steel Frame make these chairs a long term investment; this High Density Upholstered Stacking Chair is a Comfortable, Supportive Seating Solution that can even be used as a Reception Room Guest Chair in Healthcare Vinyl.

* 10 year warranty
* Chrome plated 7/16" solid bar frame for strength and durability
* Frame cross bar set back to provide greater leg clearance
* Stacks 45 high with #30D dolly and will pass through a standard doorway height of 79"
* Upholstered models stack 10 high and come complete with separators to prevent damage to fabric and foam
* Textured polypropylene seat and back shells contoured for durability and comfort
* Approximately 9.5kg (21 lbs) a chair
* Sold in cartons of 5

Product Nightingale Chair #550-1509

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Nightingale Beetle 301 Series

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