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Nightingale LXO 6000DS Drafting Stool

Nightingale LXO 6000DS Chair: Drafting Stool - One chair. Multiple functions. Perfect for working, meeting or training. LXO is the new standard for ergonomic affordable seating. This lightweight, well proportioned all purpose task chair was designed to meet the needs of today's tight working spaces. The LXO is a breath of fresh air with its award winning ergonomic design, superior comfort and contract quality workmanship.

* Design Patented
* Translucent ABLEX patterned weave mesh back provides generous lumbar support while allowing dynamic back movement. Air flows freely through this breathable mesh for added comfort in any environment
* Synchro tilt, swivel mechanism with multi position lock, seat depth adjustment and tension control.
* Pneumatic height adjustment
* Back depth adjustment allowing for greater seating depth for those requiring more leg support
* Arms are height adjustable with polyurethane arm pads
* ENERSORB foam conforms to your body when you sit and reverts to its natural form when you get up
* Waterfall seat design gently slopes away from the leg minimizing pressure on the thighs, promoting good posture
* 5 prong die-cast aluminum base with anti-slip treads
* 2" Mag wheel carpet casters and 5 prong heavy duty nylon base
* Finish-Frame, arms, base, and trim standard in graphite
* California Fire Code #117
* Shipping is FOB Manufacturer; orders of 6 or more chairs qualify for free shipping within Canada

Product Nightingale Chair #550-1542

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Nightingale LXO 6000DS Drafting Stool

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