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The Sleigh Hardwood Chair
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The Sleigh Hardwood Chair

* Started by Nature, Finished by Hand

* Made in Ontario, Canada, of your choice of Oak or Maple

* Featuring selection of matching stains, these hand-crafted chairs are made by traditional craftsmen who stand behind their workmanship, Chair by Individual Chair.

The Sleigh Chair has a unique style that sets it apart, yet retains the traditional character of hand-crafted workmanship. The individualised attention given to these chairs distinguishes them from their mass produced off-shore brethren.

These chairs conform to the body rather than the body to the chair; choose an upholstery and finish to match your decor. Now, can you see these chairs resplendent in their own right, adding their final touch so beautifully to that soon-to-be finished room?

* 40" tall with a seat depth of 17" and a base width of 19"

* Shipping costs are based on delivery address, product weight and dimensions, and will be added to invoice. If you need a shipping quote, please call 1-888-453-2500.

Product Chair #550-1714

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